Meatless Monday: Slow-Cooker Minestrone

minestrone soup in a red slow cooker

This is a very nutritious and fairly low calorie minestrone that was adapted from the version on Cook’s Country.  It filled my  5.5 qt slow-cooker almost to the very top so be sure that yours is large enough. Ingredients 1 cup dried medium-sized white beans, rinsed and pre-cooked for 20 minutes* (see note below) They […]

Bridging the Gap: How to Help Your Aging Parents Who Aren’t Ready for a Nursing Home Yet

happy woman playing mah-jong with friendshappy woman playing mah-jong with friends

  The first of the baby boomers reached retirement age in 2011 and according to the AARP, an average of 9,000 boomers join these ranks daily. As many grown children know, transitioning your parent into a nursing home or assisted living is never without its difficulties. Possibly the most difficult situation is when the parent […]

A Dental Innovation That Seems Too Good to Be True

woman holding picture with big smile. concept photo over dark background

King’s College of London researchers developed a new technique for repairing teeth with cavities that doesn’t involve drilling or adding any additional materials to the teeth called Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralization (EAER). The EAER procedure uses a two-step process in which the tooth is first prepared then a tiny electrical current is applied to accelerate […]

6 Home Remedies for Itchy Mosquito Bites

boy runs away from mosquitoes

Itchy mosquito bites are a common complaint during the summer months.  Not only do they become red and irritated, they can also become infected and very, very painful.  Most infection occurs because people scratch the bites.  It is therefore better to address the itching as soon as possible.  Here are some tried and true home […]

What You Should Know About Dehydration

Young dark-haired woman drinking water

Every summer hundreds of people are rushed to the hospital with life threatening symptoms that are a result of acute dehydration.  Dehydration is a condition that occurs when the loss of body fluids exceeds the amount that is taken in. With dehydration, more water is moving out of our cells and bodies than what we […]

Finding YOUR Zen

fencer isolated on a dark background

When you are a caregiver, people tell you take care of yourself. You hear it so often that you think you might fight the urge to scream the next time you hear it. You are also told to relax and be less stressed. This is good advice for anyone but it isn’t always easy to […]

It’s Party Time!

photo of guests enjoing a backyard party

June seems to be the start of a busy few months of parties and celebrations. There are graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and Father’s Day. All of these events can keep a person very busy with purchasing gifts, making travel arrangements, deciding what to wear, and fitting everything on the calendar. Being a caregiver adds another […]

Losing Yourself In a Daisy

close up of a single white daisy

I don’t think anyone has written—or could ever write—a book entitled “Caregiving Can Be Fun!” It’s damned hard work, that’s both emotionally draining and rewarding. The best some of us can hope for is a person who’s good tempered and appreciative of your efforts.             That said, the days of your life as a caregiver […]


Red "what if?" words painted on gray brick wall

What have I done? As if I was the only one that had anything to do with it. The diagnosis was Stage 1A lung cancer; the prescribed treatment was to remove the center lobe of the right side and in a few months go back and remove a few little pieces on the left side. […]

Brain Health For Caregivers

image of a human brain surfing on a surfbaord

    While you are caring for someone else, it’s important to keep your own brain healthy. Reading that, you’re probably wondering how you can fit one more thing into your schedule, but there are things that you can easily incorporate into your day and possibly use with your caree as well for no cost. […]